/He4rtf;ull Spl0Dge..r is a unique glitch laser manufactured by Dahl. It can be obtained from a hidden glitch weapon chest in Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K.

Special Weapon Effects

\#Splodger'''s ^ere   -! – Voiced by Pickle. Always corrosive. Fires a burst of six shots when scoped. Guaranteed Multishot and Loop glitches, but no Amp or Overload glitches.

Usage & Description

The Heartfull Splodger's fixed corrosive element makes it an excellent weapon for most of Claptastic Voyage, due to the abundance of armored enemies. The innately low recoil of the Dahl barrel pairs well with the weapon's maximum Multishot and Loop chances, allowing players to stay accurate while dealing damaging or sustained fire, respectively.


  • The gun will randomly talk when it is shooting, reloading, and killing an enemy.
  • On some characters the chest will already be open, making the weapon impossible to obtain.


When shooting

  • Chi-chick, *bang* (Mimicking the cocking and firing of a shotgun)
  • *chikchikchikchik* (Mimicking a machine gun firing)
  • Pew! (High pitched)
  • Chung! (Mimicking a rocket launcher)
  • (Other variants of the quotes stated above)
  • Bang!
  • Bullets away!
  • Splodger's 'ere!
  • Shooty shooty bang bang!
  • Gonna get ya!
  • Pew pew!
  • Yeah, take that!
  • Bullets away!
  • I'm gonna SPLODGE ya!

Getting a kill

  • Got ya!
  • Bullseye!
  • You got SPLODGED!
  • You got splodged, mate!
  • Down for the count!
  • Good shooting, me!


  • Lawks-a-mussy, I'm out!
  • CRIPES! Reload me!
  • Lummy, I'm out!
  • Oh no, no bullets!
  • Oi! Reload me, smart like!
  • Reloadies!

Swapping weapons

  • Toodle-oo!
  • Toodle pip!
  • Pip pip!
  • Later gator!
  • See ya!
  • Ta-ra!
  • Bye, mate!


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