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Healers and Dealers is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.

From the Clapslist:
Help Dr. Ace, who's struggling to keep his patients alive during the corporate war, even as he hustles that rap game.
— In-game description


"You've gotta help Dr. Ace round up medications so he can help all the poor bastards affected by this war. And if he offers you one of his rap mixtapes, just try to humor him."


  • This mission can be picked up from a bounty board near the Fast Travel Station to Meridian Outskirts.


  • Meet Ace Baron
  • Collect meds: 0/45
  • Blood packs: 0/4
    • Threaten Hardin
    • or
    • Pay Hardin (optional)
  • Take meds
  • Destroy medical convoy
  • Deliver medical supplies: 0/3
  • Pick up empty blood pack
  • Follow Ace
  • Attach empty blood pack
  • Pick up blood pack
  • Hand over blood packs



Turn In: Ace Baron


  • The MSRC Auto-Dispensary is only awarded if the optional objective to pay Hardin was done.
  • Mission items:
    • Hexapriazine
    • Blood pack
    • Melodinax
    • Skag Oil
    • Empty Blood Pack
    • Blood Pack

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