Head Case is an optional mission in Borderlands 3, and becomes available during the Cult Following main story mission.

It's a head in a jar! Probably not the weirdest thing you've seen today.
— In-game description


"Save the Sun Smasher operative from the torture simulation."


  • This mission can be picked up inside the Holy Broadcast Center, after the fight with Mouthpiece.


  • Pick up head
  • Plug head in
  • Enter simulation
  • Collect memory fragments: 0/4 (optional)
  • Find Vic
  • Kill interrogator
  • Exit simulation
  • Talk to Vic



Turn In: Vic


Mission items:
  • Head in a jar
  • Vic's ECHO Log #1
  • Vic's ECHO Log #2
  • Vic's ECHO Log #3
  • Vic's ECHO Log #4

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