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Haymaker is a unique adaptive shield made by Dahl. The Haymaker can be obtained as a mission reward for completing DAHL Combat Training: Round 5 in the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit DLC.

Special Shield Effects[]

Return to sender. – Transfers the character's status effects to enemies with a melee hit. Increased max health bonus.

Usage and Description[]

The Haymaker is an above-average adaptive shield, with its increased max health bonus being a good incentive for any character wanting to take advantage of health-focused skill builds. Its unique status-transferring ability can be taken advantage by an Athena specced into the Xiphos skill tree, as her focus on melee combat will allow her to take advantage of it very often.


  • The Haymaker is unusual as its manufacturer, Dahl, manufactures booster shields, while Anshin manufactures adaptive shields, which increase health and provide a set elemental resistance. The Haymaker also uses the model of Maliwan shields.