Hawkeye is the title of a group of pump-action sniper rifles with increased accuracy. They are, in fact, one of the most accurate weapons in the game, as well as one of the most rare. (see below) They will always have at least 98% accuracy. All Hawkeyes spawn with barrel5, the most accurate barrel available for sniper rifles. In some cases, the scope found on them will be enhanced by 0.1x, with no change to the appearance of the gun. For example, a 2.4x scope on a Hawkeye would become 2.5x and a 2.7x scope would become 2.8x.

Examples are on the talk page.


Vladof is incapable of manufacturing Hawkeyes due to their material grades increasing spread.


Hawkeye is a Title (Title_Accuracy1_Hawkeye) bestowed on sniper rifles with an accuracy of at least 98.7. The title further defines the gun's traits by reducing spread by 10%, and slightly increasing scope zoom. Hawkeyes are incredibly rare weapons because there are a very few part combinations that allow for the title. See stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Spread: -10%
Zoom End FOV: -25%
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