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For the common sniper rifle in Borderlands, see Hawkeye.

Hawk Eye is a Seraph sniper rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Jakobs. The Hawk Eye can only be obtained as a rare drop from Voracidous the Invincible, Dexiduous the Invincible or Omnd-Omnd-Ohk in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, or from the Seraph Vendor in Hunter's Grotto in True Vault Hunter Mode and Normal modes.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Eye certain. Finger Lightning. Aim Death. – Extremely high critical hit damage and severely reduced base damage. Increased weapon zoom, fire rate, reload speed and magazine size. Slightly reduced accuracy.

Usage & Description[]

Due to the Hawk Eye's extreme critical hit damage output, it makes for an effective "one shot, one kill" weapon. It should only be used in long-range combat unless the user is particularly skilled with snipers or can slow their target down enough to get a clear shot, as it is ineffective with non-critical hits and the increased scope magnification can impede close-quarters aim.

Despite the reduced weapon damage, the net effect (due to the way critical hits are calculated) is actually a 50% reduction in the effectiveness of Critical Hit bonuses. This makes the weapon largely ineffective when used by Zer0, resulting in below-average damage even on critical hits, and extremely ineffective damage on body shots, especially when used in Decepti0n. Conversely, Hawk Eye offers a high critical damage to classes that would usually not use sniper rifles and have few to none critical hit bonuses, such as Gaige or Axton, avoiding otherwise frustrating drawbacks.


2014-04-08 00001

A Hawk Eye with the 11.6x magnification

  • On critical hits, a Hawk Eye will deal slightly more damage than a Muckamuck, but with substantially higher rate of fire.
    • This is not the case with Critical Ascensi0n or other boosts to critical damage, as a Muckamuck will out-damage a Hawk Eye with a sufficient stack.
  • Mathematically, a 100% critical hit bonus on a Hawk Eye will provide a mere 14.7% damage bonus. By contrast, the same 100% bonus on a normal Jakobs sniper rifle will provide a 38% damage bonus, and for a non-Jakobs sniper, a 50% damage bonus.
  • Initially, the Hawk Eye was bugged and would have always have "1.0x zoom". This was fixed in an unknown patch, which gave the Hawk Eye increased zoom compared to other sniper rifles.
  • With a Hyperion scope, the Hawk Eye will have a zoom magnification of 11.6x, the highest for any sniper rifle, surpassing the 11.4x of the Fremington's Edge.


  • The name and red flavor text are references to The Deerslayer, a novel by James Fenimore Cooper. The line is: "eye sartain -finger lightning - aim, death- great warrior soon. No Deerslayer - Hawkeye -Hawkeye - Hawkeye. Shake hand."