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The Havoc is the title of a group of Support Machine Guns. They have a high Fire Rate and Increased Magazine Size.

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Usage & Description[]

The Havoc's primary trait is it's high rate of fire, starting at a minimum of 10.0. They also have an increased Magazine size. Havocs have no restrictions on Damage and Accuracy, with models ranging at both ends of the spectrum. Coupled with the Support Machine Gun's ability to shrug off the worst effects of recoil when sighted, they excel at short, brutal, firefights. They can be used either against lots of weaker enemies or just one really big Badass.


Havoc is one of the three possible titles for Support Machine Guns. It is granted by Title_Firerate1_Havoc, and is only given to Support Machine Guns with Fire Rate higher than 10.0. The Havoc Title increases the Machine Gun's Magazine Capacity, to make up for the higher ammo consumption.

Clip Size: +20%