Hapilly Ever After is an optional mission in Guns, Love, and Tentacles, downloadable content (DLC) add-on for Borderlands 3.


"It's a party! A chance to socialize, dance, and prime some explosives. You know--a party!"



  • Talk to Gaige
  • Reach Gaige's pod
  • Kill frostbiters
  • Search drop pod
  • Find thief
  • Open door
  • Pick up firework boxes (4)
  • Pick up detonator
  • Reach launch area
  • Place fireworks
  • Return to The Lodge
  • Talk to Gaige
  • Talk to Claptrap
  • Emote with Claptrap
  • Talk to Mancubus
  • Congratulate Hammerlock and Wainwright
  • Place detonator
  • Choose fireworks style
  • Detonate fireworks


  • Mission items:
    • Box of Fireworks - Matrimony grade munitions, fit for the finest celebrations.
    • Remote Detonator - You don't have to say nything cool before pressing the button, but it helps.


Video Walkthrough

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