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Handsome Jackie is a respawnable mini-boss encountered in Borderlands 3.


Handsome Jackie can be found in an area below the Observation Deck on Skywell-27. She wears a replica of Handsome Jack's face mask, T-shirt with Hyperion logo on it, and spews out praise about Hyperion's greatness. However, as described by Zer0, she is nothing but "A poor pretender / to an empty throne". She wields a Nimble Jack in battle.


Handsome Jackie needs to be defeated for Zer0's Target of Opportunity challenge.



Handsome Jackie primarily attacks by jumping around and firing her shotgun, resorting to kicking or punching the Vault Hunter when in melee distance. She also has the ability to spawn both a unique Death Sphere to aid her in battle and a drone that will constantly attempt to refill her shields until it is destroyed. Both of these can be deployed at the same time.

Though not immediately threatening, her shotgun can deal substantial amounts of damage and is capable of crippling the character in a handful of shots. This combined with her summonable allies can make her a somewhat threatening opponent.


  • Holy nutballs.
  • Handsome Jack was the greatest dictator of all time!
  • Hyperion ruuuuules!
  • Hail to the queen, baby.
  • I'm gonna kill you and all your stupid Vault Hunter friends!
  • This one's for Jack, asshole!
  • Handsome is as handsome does.
  • Handsome Jackie here, offering a million bullets to you.
  • Construction time! (Summoning Jackie Sphere)
  • These pretzels suuuuuuck... (On death)