(On discovery of the first ECHO)

Helena Pierce: "We've hijacked the train that runs through The Dust. If all goes well, we should get to Sanctuary in a day's time. Hyperion hasn't diverted any troops from New Haven to pursue us, and a sandstorm has devoured their nearest frontier town. We just need - oh, damnit - everyone! Get away from the windows!"

Sir Hammerlock: You've discovered one of Helena Pierce's audio logs! She was a lieutenant in the Crimson Raiders -- the anti-Hyperion resistance. I'd be very interested to know what became of her. If you could find the rest of those audio logs, I would be more than happy to pay for them.

(On discovery of the second audio log)

Handsome Jack: "Hey, everybody! How are ya? Jack here!"

Wilhelm: "NOBODY MOVE."

Helena Pierce: "What is the meaning of this?"

Handsome Jack: "I'm sorry, what was your name?"

Helena Pierce: "Pierce."

Handsome Jack: "Well, Ms. Pierce - and please don't tell me it's 'Mrs. Pierce' and break my heart - this train doesn't belong to you. So why don't you turn around and face me, pumpkin?"

Helena Pierce: "This train was commandeered legally under the -"

Handsome Jack: "Holy nutballs! What happened to your frickin' face?!"

(On discovery of the third audio log)

Handsome Jack: "Oh yeah? How about this - lady? - I don't even know what to call you: you tell me why you look like you headbutted a belt sander, and I'll let all of you go right now."

Helena Pierce: "My husband gave me a skag pearl ring. The pearl released hunger-inducing pheromones."

Handsome Jack: "Oh. You know what? I am so sorry. I - I just... Forgive me. Where's your husband now?"

Helena Pierce: "He's dead."

Handsome Jack: "That is a heartbreaker, but...[gunshot, followed by death scream] you got something in common with him now at least!"

(On discovery of the last audio log)

Handsome Jack: "Hohohoho... holy crap! Did you see her head? It was like - PBBLLT! Wilhelm? Kill these savages."

Wilhelm: "UNDERSTOOD." [gunshots, followed by screams]

Sir Hammerlock: Handsome Jack killed her, didn't he? Shame. A real shame. Please, return the ECHOs to me whenever you are capable of doing so.

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