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Handsome Jack Here! is a mission in Borderlands 2 where ECHO Recorders are collected. The ECHO Logs recount the story of Helena Pierce as she made her way to Sanctuary on a commandeered train.



  • Find audio log.
  • Find next audio log.
  • Find final audio log.


While fighting enemies outside Liar's Berg, usually bandits, an ECHO audio log will drop. Picking up the first log will play its message. At this point, Sir Hammerlock will make contact and offer payment for locating the remaining audio logs.

The general location of each remaining log will be pinpointed on the map, but they are not out in the open. One is in a bullymong pile on a building's roof, one in a dumpster with a padlock that needs to be broken, and one in a storage space covered by sheet metal.

Listening to the tapes will reveal that Helena Pierce and some New Haven refugees were murdered by Handsome Jack after Hyperion forces boarded her train. Return to Hammerlock, who will offer a mournful note on the news and then pay up. 


"Helena Pierce never reached Sanctuary."


  • Mission Item: ECHO Recorder - "An audio log belonging to Helena Pierce, former administrator of New Haven.

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