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Hammerlocked is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Lilith.


"You've opened The Promethea Vault, but at great cost. It's more important than ever to open the Vaults before the Calypsos grow more powerful. The next Vault is on Eden-6. Lilith's friend Sir Hammerlock might be able to help, if he weren't in a spot of bother."



  • Talk to Hammerlock
  • Talk to Wainwright
  • Navigate to Eden-6
  • Use drop pod
  • Meet Wainwright
  • Kill COV enemies
  • Enter Knotty Peak lodge
  • Go to The Anvil
  • Meet "Meatslab"
  • Rescue Hammerlock
  • Open gate
  • Clear yard of COV
  • Kill reinforcements
  • Talk to Brick
  • Follow Brick
  • Kill attackers
  • Follow Brick
  • Defeat ambush attackers
  • Meet "Crunk Bunny"
  • Talk to Tina
  • Collect "pizza toppings"
  • Collect "ham"
  • Collect "onnion slices"
  • Collect "sauce"
  • Return "toppings" to Tina
  • Take pizza bomb
  • Clear bridge
  • Deliver "pizza"
  • Detonate pizza bomb
  • Kill Warden
  • Free Hammerlock
  • Talk to Hammerlock


Wainwright will contact the Vault Hunters as soon as the drop pod lands, and asks for them to meet at his place. The path to him is clogged with unshielded COV infantry of all types. After coversing with Wainwright, he asks them to head to The Anvil, where Hammerlock is being held.

The Anvin is a a heavily infested location flooded with high quantities COV units. Care must be taken at any given moment to avoid being suddenly taken down. When the metal gate is opened, Brick shows up and helps the Vault Hunters until after the ambush phase (1-2 Badass enemies will always spawn here), whereupon he leaves after all the enemies are defeated. Brick will instruct them to meet Tina, who asks them to venture though more infested areas and take bomb components before delivering it back to her. The assembled bomb, however, can't be planted, as Mordecai watches over the prison's entrance and warns them that all units in the area must be defeated. With that done, the bomb can be planted and detonated.

Warden, the mission's final boss, has the following attacks:

  • Melee: Leaps to a vault hunter, then attack with fists, similar to a goliath.
  • Shock Grenades: Fires a volley of shock projecties which splashes the area upon impact, quickly depleting shields.

Warden initially carries armor, and after it's destroyed he becomes vulerable to Incendiary damage. Note that sufficient armor depletion will result in him gaining invincibility for severa seconds. After this short period ends, his attack patterns become significantly more aggressive.

When Warden is defeated, shoot the chain on Hammerlock's cage to free him. The mission ends from there. 


Turn In: Sir Hammerlock


  • Mission items:
    • Detonator "Ham"
    • Wire "Onion Slices"
    • Nitro "Sauce"
  • The pizza bomb can be triggered by any source of damage.
    • If a torgue sticky gyrojet hits it, the bomb will explode and destroy the sticky projectile.
  • After this mission and until Cold as The Grave has been completed, Hammerlock will stay at Floodmoor Basin.


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