Hammerlocked is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Lilith.


"You've opened The Promethea Vault, but at great cost. It's more important than ever to open the Vaults before the Calypsos grow more powerful. The next Vault is on Eden-6. Lilith's friend Sir Hammerlock might be able to help, if he weren't in a spot of bother. "



  • Talk to Hammerlock
  • Talk to Wainwright
  • Navigate to Eden-6
  • Use drop pod
  • Meet Wainwright
  • Kill COV enemies
  • Enter Knotty Peak lodge
  • Go to The Anvil
  • Meet "Meatslab"
  • Rescue Hammerlock
  • Open gate
  • Clear yard of COV
  • Kill reinforcements
  • Talk to Brick
  • Follow Brick
  • Kill attackers
  • Follow Brick
  • Defeat ambush attackers
  • Meet "Crunk Bunny"
  • Talk to Tina
  • Collect "pizza toppings"
  • Collect "ham"
  • Collect "onnion slices"
  • Collect "sauce"
  • Return "toppings" to Tina
  • Take pizza bomb
  • Clear bridge
  • Deliver "pizza"
  • Detonate pizza bomb
  • Kill Warden
  • Free Hammerlock
  • Talk to Hammerlock



Turn In: Sir Hammerlock


  • Mission items:
    • Detonator "Ham"
    • Wire "Onion Slices"
    • Nitro "Sauce"


Warden's gang

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