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Defeat unique and exotic beasts around the galaxy for Sir Hammerlock!
—In-game description
Ascension Hunt Infobox pic

Zane hunts down a rare beast, Skrakk.

Hammerlock's Legendary Hunts are location-based challenges found throughout Borderlands 3. They are given and tracked by Sir Hammerlock, in which the Vault Hunters are tasked to hunt rare and dangerous game. Hammerlock's Legendary Hunt challenges are focused on exploration and mini-boss fights; unlike most crew challenges, there are never more than one Legendary Hunt on each map.

Hammerlock's Legendary Hunt quests are considered Crew Challenges, hidden collectibles that can be found throughout each playable map, and are listed in "Zone Progress" in the map tab by pressing R.

There are 10 Legendary Hunt challenges in total. Completing every Legendary Hunt rewards the player with the "Got Big Game" achievement.

Background Edit

Upon getting close to the location of a rare beast, Sir Hammerlock will greet the player and requests for them to slay the galaxy's unique and exotic beasts for the thrill of the hunt. Each beast is notably powerful in some way and can pose a challenge, but they all have a chance of dropping unique legendary weapons, making them both a source of challenge rewards and a farming location for future visits.

Hammerlock's Den

Hammerlock's room, located aboard Sanctuary III, with several mounted heads of slain rare beasts.

Whenever a rare beast is killed, Sir Hammerlock will mount its head on a wall in his room aboard Sanctuary III, and mails the player a blue or purple rarity Jakobs weapon as a reward. Upon completion of all ten Legendary Hunts, Hammerlock offers a reward of the legendary Bekah assault rifle: this is the only method of obtaining the Bekah in the game.

Rewards Edit

  • For each new Legendary Hunt completed - Jakobs weapon of blue or purple rarity, sent through Mail (Pause Menu > Social > Mail)
  • All 10 Legendary Hunts completed - Legendary Bekah assault rifle

 Legendary Hunts Edit





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