The Hammer is a Legendary Shotgun manufactured by Vladof.

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Special Weapon Effects

Drop the Hammer! – Explosive x2, x3 or x4. Extremely High damage. Spread pattern is a tilted hammer.

The special spread of the Hammer.

Usage & Description

The Hammer is not an exceptional explosive weapon, nor does it really profit from its element. The strength of the Hammer lies in just plain raw damage. Vladof weapons already have exceptional fire rates, but the Hammer also has exceptionally high damage. The Hammer is the shotgun to pull out at a critical time, to just dish out a storm of metal. The explosive effect is a good plus, but not the core of the weapon.


  • Spread pattern is fixed, and not affected by accuracy.
  • Due to the distinct pattern of the shotgun spread, it is advisable to aim with the upper-right corner of the crosshairs.


  • The red text is a reference to the military term for firing an artillery piece, "dropping the hammer".
  • In Borderlands 3, there is a legendary assault rifle called the Sickle. It has similar flavor text and fires a fixed shotgun pattern much like the Hammer. Together they form the hammer and sickle, which is a symbol of communism.


The Hammer effect comes from the acc5_Vladof_Hammer accessory. While it is an elemental accessory based on acc5_Explosive, the Hammer should really be compared to acc4_Painful. While the Painful accessory increases damage by 13%, the Hammer increases it by a massive 50%. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

acc5_Vladof_Hammer acc5_Explosive acc4_Painful
Damage: +50%
Tech Level: +10
Clip Size: +2
Damage: -40%
Tech Level: +6
Damage: +13%

Knockback: +23%

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