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Hallowed Hollow is an area introduced to Borderlands 2 in TK Baha's Bloody Harvest. It is a town mostly populated by skeletons. It is Halloween-themed and is stuck in perpetual night time. The area consists of many graveyards, gnarled trees, and lava flows. Pumpkin patches are numerous.

Points of Interest[]

Church of the Dead[]

Church of the Dead is located due north from the Necropolis. Entrance to, and a red chest inside the church, is blocked. To gain access, six red-eyed pumpkins scattered around the map must be destroyed. Northeast of the church, there is a group of tombs with a gap between them leading to a small pumpkin patch with a TV set sitting on the edge of a blood-filled pool.

Hallowed Hollow Farms[]

Hallowed Hollow Farms is an area located to the north of The Pumpkin Patch. Several windmills with skrakk nests dominate the area. The windmills power hemoglobin pumps which, among other things, are used to flood The Pumpkin Patch with blood.

Infested Forge[]

Infested Forge is located in northern-most part of the map, and is home of Sully the Blacksmith. Red chest can be found outside the southern entrance.

Lavashore Village[]

Lavashore Village is an area located due north from Church of the Dead. There is a broken covered bridge which used to connect this area to The Lava Bluffs. Blood-filled loot cauldron can be found there as well.


Necropolis is an area to the west of Zombie T.K. Baha's claim, littered with graves. Undead Bandits roam this area. Right next to the gates leading to The Pumpkin Patch, there is a large tomb out of which Clark the Combusted Cryptkeeper emerges once four special tasks are completed.

The Colony[]

The Colony is an area located between the Lavashore Village and Infested Forge. Apart from being infested with spiderants, it holds nothing much of importance.

The Lava Bluffs[]

The Lava Bluffs is a small group of houses located to the south of the Infested Forge and just across the lava river from Lavashore Village. TV set can be found in basement of one of the houses. Red chest can be found on a porch of the last house before now-collapsed covered bridge.

The Pumpkin Patch[]

The Pumpkin Patch is an area located in the southeast part of the map, and is where Pumpkin Kingpin or Jacques O'Lantern can be found. There is a path at its north edge leading up to Hallowed Hollow Farms.



Common Enemies[]

Notable Enemies[]



  • It is said by Zombie T.K. Baha that the Hallowed Hollow is the remains of Jakobs Cove from the first game, while also mentioning Dr. Ned many times.