Hallow's End is a location which was added to Borderlands with the first add-on, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. The Hallow's End area entry point is reached from the northeast corner of Jakobs Cove. The area is named for the town of Hallow's End which is located in southwest portion of the Hallow's End map.


Hallow's End is a worker town established by the Jakobs corporation in Jakobs Cove.



  • Dr. Ned - He lives secure in his tree house which is only accessible via a lift.
  • Zombie TK Baha - He lives ... resides in a house in the SW part of the zone with his own pumpkin patch.

Notable Enemies

Common Enemies

Points of Interest

Creepy Treehouse

Where Dr. Ned lives. It is possible to use the lift to get up to the tree house but you can not enter it again after Dr. Ned leaves.

Hallow's End

In the center of the area is a cluster of buildings that compose the town of Hallow's End, there is a metal shack with 'Supplies' sign on top where there is a weapon vendor and an ammo vendor.

Pumpkin Patch

Where Pumpkinhead lives. Just west of the town is a large pumpkin patch.

Shady Oaks

Shady Oaks is a large building on the northern side of the town. The sign out front reads: "Home For Accidental Amputees. We'll keep your torso tickin'!" There is a med vendor located at the front. Around the back is a red weapon chest. Alongside the building is a graveyard. The primary enemy here is, if its not obvious, torso zombies.

Zombie TK Baha's house

Located in the southwestern-most corner of Hallow's End, this is where the unlisted Brains! to Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains! missions are offered by Zombie TK. After a short cutscene introducing players to TK's Leg on the front porch, the leg starts a short mission to "find" TK. The door opens and the brain missions can be accessed by talking to him.

Weapon Crate Locations

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