Hag Rider Tinks are midget enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are easily distinguished by horns adorned helmets.


Hag Rider Tinks ride in a basket-like harness strapped to Hag's back where from, if wielding small arms, they provide covering fire. Once Hag launches them out, they continue fight on foot. If wielding a large sledge hammer, they will use it in a fashion simillar to that of Psycho Tinks using their buzz-axes. If wielding small arms, they fight like regular Tinks.


Borderlands 3


Hag Rider Tinks never wear shields, and are extremelly vulnerable to Incendiary damage.


  • It's show time! (attacking)
  • Stand still! (throwing hammer)
  • I'll make you proud! (being launched)
  • To the skies! (being launched)
  • Friggin' heretic. (dying)
  • We'll be together again. (mourning over a killed Hag)


  • If the Hag gets killed, Hag Rider Tinks will rush to him and stay there with their heads and shoulders down as if they were in mourning.
  • In Mayhem mode, they are renamed Goon Rider Tink.

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