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Hag Rider Tinks are midget enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are first encountered at the Konrad's Hold on Pandora They are easily distinguished by horns adorned helmets.


Hag Rider Tinks ride in a basket-like harness strapped to Hag's back where from, if wielding small arms, they provide covering fire. Once Hag launches them out, they continue fight on foot. If wielding a large sledge hammer, they will use it in a fashion simillar to that of Psycho Tinks using their buzz-axes. If wielding small arms, they fight like regular Tinks.



Hag Rider Tinks never wear shields, and are extremelly vulnerable to Incendiary damage.


  • It's show time! (attacking)
  • Stand still! (throwing hammer)
  • I'll make you proud! (being launched)
  • To the skies! (being launched)
  • Friggin' heretic. (dying)
  • We'll be together again. (mourning over a killed Hag)


  • If the Hag gets killed, Hag Rider Tinks will rush to him and stay there with their heads and shoulders down as if they were in mourning.
  • In In Mayhem Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed to Goon Rider Tink.

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