Hags are large enemies enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. With large cannons attached to their left arms, and backpacks with Hag Rider Tinks in them, Hags are hard to miss even withing the largest of COV groups.



Hags are slow moving and tend to keep their distance while shooting cryo rings. Riding high on their backs, Hag Rider Tinks use that vantage position to spray bullets and ocassional grenade. Rings are easy to dodge and dissipate either if they hit a obstacle or after a certain distance. Rings have a considerable knock-back if they hit the target. Every now and then, Hag stuffs the Tink into and launches it from the cannon in target's general direction. Upto seven Hag Rider Tinks can "hatch" out the Hag's backpack.

If within melee range, Hags will swing their massive left arms in an upward hook punch. They can shock charge their cannons pressing them against the ground, and then releasing a powerful shockwave which not only damages shields but has a knock-back effect.

If a Hag Rider Tink gets killed, Hag will stop dead in her tracks and mourn her loss for several seconds leaving herself vulnerable.

In Normal mode, Hags never wear shield which makes them extremelly vulnerable to incendiary damage.


  • Make me the happiest woman on Pandora and DIE! (attacking)
  • Ring-a-round the rosie! (attacking)
  • Put a ring on it! (attacking)
  • Hold your breath! (attacking)
  • Suck it down! SUCK IT DOWN! (attacking)
  • I got this for ya! (attacking)
  • Get out there and kill. Kill. Kill!!! (launching Tink)

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