The Hacked Overseer is an ally constructor in the optional mission Statuesque. It is used to cut down the statues with its laser, as ordinary bullets cannot damage the statues. The constructor is the only one of its kind which has a green and yellow paint job.

Initially, the constructor is in an inactive state. It is roused through a two-step process of first applying Claptrap's hack, and then activation. Claptrap sounds unconvinced that the constructor will be on friendly terms, but persists with the plan regardless. At the end of the mission, Claptrap then ECHOs an instruction to make the Hacked Overseer dance, but instead it just explodes.


  • Hacked Overseer can receive health from Restoration or Transfusion Grenades .
  • Despite being a Constructor, Hacked Overseer can be slagged.
  • The Hacked Overseer will not fight off enemies during the side mission Statesque. Instead, it will just keep moving to the locations of the Handsome Jack statues and destroy them. In conclusion,the player must defend the Constructor from being destroyed.


"Commencing dance protocols - error!ERROR!"

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