The Hacked Overseer is an ally constructor in the optional mission Statuesque. It is used to cut down the statues with its laser, as ordinary bullets cannot damage the statues.

Initially, the constructor is inactive but is booted up to recognize the vault hunter as an ally and to destroy the statues. At the end of the mission, Claptrap then ECHOs an instruction to make the Hacked Overseer dance, but it malfunctions and explodes.


  • The Hacked Overseer can receive health from Restoration and Transfusion Grenades .
  • Unlike normal constructors, the Hacked Overseer can be slagged by enemies.
  • The Hacked Overseer ignores enemies and only focuses on the statues.
  • The Hacked Overseer has a unique color scheme not found anywhere else in the game. The same paint job is present on blue rarity non-unique Hyperion weapons.


  • "Commencing dance protocols - error!ERROR!" (Explodes)
  • "Initializing Laser cutter" (Blurry and fast pronunciation)
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