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HOT Loaders are the enemies first appeared in Borderlands 2. They are the incendiary weapon specialist loaders of Hyperion's robot force.



HOT Loaders fire incendiary globs at range, and use a flamethrower when up close. They have fuel tanks on their backs that explode when shot. They are extremely resilient against incendiary damage, while weak to corrosive and explosive attacks. They explode when destroyed with a chance of setting nearby targets on fire, making close range attacks dangerous. As their final explosion takes place after they are destroyed and close range healing effects such as Buzz Axe Rampage are negated, taking them out at range is a far better option.

In Borderlands 3, HOT Loaders wield an incendiary cannon in their right arm and a grenade launcher in their left. The cannon has two modes: an incendiary stream sprayed in a sweeping arc at close range and a large incendiary ball that explodes on impact at medium range. The grenades fired from its launcher also explode on impact and bypasses the character's shield.

The incendiary packs on the back can be destroyed to disable their cannon. If all four of its limbs are shot off, a HOT Loader will resort to firing a laser beam from its optic sensor.

A HOT Loader's limb joints and optic sensor are its critical hit points. They are never equipped with shields and are vulnerable to corrosive damage.


Borderlands 3

  • "You will be incinerated".
  • "Burn".


  • In Mayhem and True Vault Hunter modes, they are renamed to HOT Loader MkII.
  • In Borderlands 3, HOT Loaders launch grenades similar to Maliwan grenades that Maliwan infantry are equipped with.