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Gunslinger Jabber is the tier 4 pet skill in FL4K's Stalker skill tree. While this skill is equipped, FL4K's jabber becomes a Gunslinger Jabber and is armed with an SMG. FL4K gains increased movement speed and critical hit damage while accompanied by the Gunslinger.


  • Movement Speed: +5.0%
  • Critical Hit Damage: +5.0%

Attack Command

  • The Gunslinger switches to a rocket launcher to attack the target three times.



  • It is equipped with a Dahl SMG set to burst-fire and counts towards challenges related to the weapon's manufacturer and type.
  • The Gunslinger Jabber's SMG grants a stack of Frenzy for each hit of its weapon, granting stacks far faster then any other pet, especially from long range.
  • The Gunslinger Jabber takes self-damage from the splash damage of its rocket launcher. Caution should be used when issuing an Attack Command on an enemy that is very close to the pet.
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