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Gun Lust is Salvador's first skill tree, of three. The Gun Lust tree focuses on swapping and reloading guns, and gives Salvador various gun abilities. His other skill trees are Rampage and Brawn.


Tier 1[]

  • Locked and Loaded: Improves fire rate after reloading a weapon. Additionally, this effect can be triggered by a later Gun Lust skill, Auto-Loader.
  • Quick Draw: Improves weapon swapping speed and critical hit damage with all weapons.

Tier 2[]

Tier 3[]

  • Divergent Likeness: Improves damage while Gunzerking with two weapons of the same type, or improves accuracy when Gunzerking with two different weapons.
  • Auto-Loader: Killing an opponent reloads all weapons not currently in use. Also, swapping weapons after triggering this effect also triggers Locked and Loaded.
  • Money Shot: The last round in a gun's magazine gets a significant damage boost. This skill works with all weapons, but guns with smaller magazines receive a proportionately smaller buff as a result.

Tier 4[]

Tier 5[]

Tier 6[]

  • No Kill Like Overkill: Grants a damage buff to Salvador's next shot equal to the excess damage dealt to the enemy just killed.

Salvador skills
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