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Guided Missile is a Tier 4 skill on the Infantry branch of Roland's skill tree, and thus requires at least 15 points invested into the Infantry branch before it is available. Once learned, the skill causes Roland's Scorpio Turret to fire guided rockets periodically. Additional levels decrease the time between firing one missile and the next.


Your Scorpio Turret launches guided missiles in addition to using its regular gun.

Fire a missile every (8...4) seconds

Each upgrade lowers the interval between missiles by one second. Eventually, this causes more than three missiles to be fired within the deployment period, as shown below. Times are expressed in seconds.

Level Interval 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1 8 3 11 19 NA NA
2 7 3 10 17 NA NA
3 6 3 9 15 NA NA
4 5 3 8 13 18 NA
5 4 3 7 11 15 19


Rockets not only damage enemies, they also stun them. This effect is especially useful against hard hitting and/or armored units such as Lance Defenders.

Missiles initially travel in a skyward arc similar to the beginning of Bloodwing's flight. They sometimes prematurely impact on overhead obstructions (such as ceilings or low bridges) if the turret is not positioned with sufficient overhead clearance.

This skill allows the turret to attack two enemies at once (one with the gun, and another with the missile). It also enables the turret to hit enemies behind it - the missile guidance is omnidirectional, in contrast to the 180-degree range of the turret itself.


  • The turret fires its first missile as soon as it begins firing bullets, which is about three seconds after the Action Skill is activated.

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