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Guardian Spectre is a guardian that is encountered during the mission Ghosts of the Vault. Its appearance is similar to a badass guardian.


The Spectre, along with two guardian wraiths, appears and assaults the Vault Hunters after they approach the Eridian Artifact in the cavern below the Dahl Headlands.



The Spectre will constantly attempt to gain ground, using a zig-zag motion to avoid any bullets fired. It has a very powerful melee attack, and will often retreat after attacking and begin the process again. As such, shotguns and assault rifles are ideal to offset its extreme speed and mobility. Using shock weapons or having a Hunter with Trespass will greatly shorten the fight, as all three guardians have incredibly strong shields but relatively low health.


  • The Spectre and the Wraiths will respawn if the mission is not completed.
  • Damage to the Spectre's head will result in critical hits.