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Guardian Pondors are massive, powerful Guardian enemies that are encountered in later rounds of The Holodome Onslaught DLC of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Pondors first appear during the final wave of enemies of Digistructed Madness: Round 4.



Guardian Pondors are slow-moving, but extremely fearsome opponents, possessing high-capacity shields, high health and are capable of jumping long distances. They have access to a phasing technique that renders them completely invisible and invulnerable.

If they reappear within range of a Vault Hunter, Pondors will perform a powerful melee attack in which they slam their fists into the ground, inflicting heavy damage and sending nearby Vault Hunters flying. They will continue to use this formidable attack as long as they are still within melee range.

When at range, Pondors can prepare a series of six pink orbs, which float in formation above the Pondor's head in a ring pattern. The priming of their energy orbs is heralded by the Pondor crossing its arms across its chest then raising its arms above its sides. The orbs are fired at slow intervals, causing explosive damage, and while their speed is very slow they have homing capabilities that will seek out their targets unless interrupted by a wall or other surface. If the targeted Vault Hunter is airborne when impacted by the orbs, they will slam back down toward the ground with no way of regaining altitude. This effect can make it difficult for close combat fighters to get in close enough to be fully effective in combat, and can be devastating when the Holodome's spinning blades are active.

Pondors have large heads that, provided the Pondor is not invisible, are often easy targets for multiple critical hits due to the Pondor's slow speed. Shock damage is effective against the Pondor's shields, and incendiary damage is effective against its health when in an atmosphere.

Pondors can be frozen by cryo damage, but are slightly resistant to the effect, often proving difficult to freeze solid. However, like regular enemies, it can be knocked back by slamming damage despite its large size, simply pushing it into pit or spinning blade is also a viable solution.