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Guard.Clapdogs are the basic type of clapdogs featured in the Claptastic Voyage DLC. They are friendly to Insecurity forces and are rarely encountered without Insecurity support.

Subconscious Version

Very Insecure Clapdog, in Subconscious

In the map Subconscious, Guard.Clapdogs are called Very Insecure Clapdogs and have a different skin. They behave exactly the same way, however.



Guard.Clapdogs follow basically the same attack patterns as the usual Skag from other Borderlands titles, by charging the Vault Hunters and using melee attacks, and occasionally pouncing from a distance. Individually these are not problematic, but can cause problems in larger groups.


Insecurity Bot riding a Clapdog, in L33t h4X0rz arena.

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