Grogs are saurian enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are met at Eden-6.


Grogs are the most common type of saurians often met in groups and accompanied by Polygrogs and Fire Grogs.


Borderlands 3


Grog poses minimal threat alone, but in larger numbers may be a problem, especially when accompanied by Fire Grog.

Grog is primarily ranged attacker and will attempt to maintain the distance from the Vault Hunters but is capable in melee combat as well.


  • Bite - bites with its tripple jaws.
  • Tail Whip - spins with its tail extended.
  • Tongue Whip - shoots its long tongue straight out of its mouth.
  • Spit - spits out an oily liquid at the great distance. The projectile creates highly inflammable puddle of oil on impact.

As a fleshy enemy Grog is weak to Incendiary attacks. Also may be readily frozen.


  • Patches of oil may be lit by any Incendiary attack.
  • Fighting these fellas tend to attract their bigger cousins, including Tyrants.
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