Grinders is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It unlocks the Grinder, a machine for converting unwanted items into more useful ones.



  • Destroy scavenger buggy
  • Pick up unassembler linkage
  • Find second grinder
  • ...don't ask nicely (optional)
  • Hit grinder
  • Kill Rooster
  • Pick up explosives: 0/3
  • Set up detonator
  • Place explosives
  • Place detonator
  • Detonate!
  • Pick up recombiner matrix
  • Talk to Springs
  • Place grinder parts
  • Take Springs' weapons: 0/3
  • Use grinder


Janey first sends Vault Hunters in search of a Grinder Buggy patrolling the southwest area of Triton Flats. When destroyed, it drops one of the grinder pieces Janey needs to repair "Bessie". The Grinder Buggy behaves like a standard enemy buggy that fires missiles.

The next piece is in Stanton's Liver. Janey wants this part retrieved from the scavs there. There is an optional objective to refrain from asking nicely, and simply killing them suffices.

Partway through the area, the leader of the local scavs, Rooster Booster, announces himself and taunts the Vault Hunters. The part in question is at the other side of the area, on the roof of the St. Pancreas train station. When the device is hit, it doesn't yield, but Rooster Booster appears - a badass scav. When killed, he drops three explosives and a detonator. The explosives are then set on the device and detonated from a safe distance, leaving the recombulator behind.

Back in Concordia, the grinder is then repaired by inserting the two parts, and then a demonstration of its use ensues when Janey offers three common assault rifles to put into it and grind.


"Back to the daily grind! Okay, really done this time. Swear."

Turn In: Springs

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  • Mission Items:
    • Detonator - "One half of a good time."
    • Explosive Charge - "Used to explode things. Caution: Keep out of reach of children."
    • Recombiner Matrix - "The part of a grinder the recombines the matrices."
    • Unassembler Linkage - "Part of a grinder that unassembles the linkages. Or links the unasembler. Definitely one of those."
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode the grinder starts unlocked until Grinders is accepted, and then will be locked again until the mission is complete.
  • The optional objective is automatic and does not offer an increase to the cash reward in this mission.
  • The Grinder Buggy is capable of destroying itself by driving into the lava river. This completes the objective to destroy it while leaving its mission item in an inaccessible location. Quitting and reloading the character resets the first objective.


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