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Grendadier is a Tier Three skill in Roland's Support tree which increases grenade damage and causes grenade regeneration after killing an enemy for a few seconds.


Upon killing an enemy, Roland will regenerate grenades at a rate of approximately 1.6 Grenade/Minute per rank. Roland's Grenades will also deal +3% damage per rank.

Lvl Displayed
G. Regen.
G. Regen.
Grenades from
a Single Buff
1 2 1.6 0.2 3%
2 3 3.2 0.4 6%
3 5 4.8 0.6 9%
4 6 6.4 0.8 12%
5 8 8 1.0 15%
6 Never Displayed 9.6 1.2 18%
7 Never Displayed 11.2 1.4 21%
8 Never Displayed 12.8 1.5 24%
9 Never Displayed 14.4 1.7 27%

Ranks beyond 5 may be acquired through the use of class mods.

  • At end of the Grenadier Buff, partial grenades earned are rounded up to the nearest .1 grenades earned.
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Grenadier is a skill that should always have at least a single point invested, when available. Grenades are actually a relatively rare item on Pandora (outside of vendors), and this skill allows Roland to be much more liberal with his grenade usage.

A single point in this skill is enough to allow Roland to consistently throw a single grenade as a "fight opener" during encounters.

Higher levels of Grenadier and Supply Drop can guarantee virtually infinite grenades. In an ideal testing environment (with max Supply Drop) a Shock Trooper was observed to regenerate a consistent 39 grenades each minute while maintaining Refire.

Grenadier is especially well suited for a Scorpio-centric Roland build. It gives Roland the possibility to consistently attack from cover, while regenerating his shields, and health from behind the Scorpio Turret.


  • Grenadier last 7 seconds.
  • Grenades are earned "over time", in a stacked fashion: This is equivalent to acquiring partial grenades, with your grenade count increasing by 1 when a full grenade has been regenerated. Partial grenades may exist in the regeneration counter even if at max grenades. Completed grenades that are earned will be lost if at max grenades.
  • Slightly spacing the Grenadier buffs will yield slightly more grenades per minute than the actual values due to this skill rounding up to the nearest .1 grenade each time it ends. This is the most notable at 7 skill points. At 8 or 9 skill points Grenadier will likely regenerate fewer grenades per minute due to time lost in-between kills.

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