Grenade Mods

Fry Explosive Proximity Mine

A grenade mod.

Grenade Mods (short for Grenade Modification) are useful upgrades that modify the properties of a character's Protean Grenades by increasing their damage, changing their functionality, and/or adding elemental properties. They are named by their elemental property followed by their type, such as "Explosive MIRV" or "Incendiary Rain." Each type of grenade mod is available in a range of different strengths that are roughly proportional to the level of the enemies encountered. Grenade mods are dropped by enemies, found in skag piles and chests, and can be given as mission rewards. They can also be bought as "Item of the day" at Ammo Vendors.

Grenade Mod Types

Borderlands 1

  • Bouncing Bettie (Dahl) "Bouncing Bettie grenades pop up into the air before exploding."
  • Contact (Tediore for explosive, Maliwan for elementals) "Contact grenades explode after touching an enemy."
  • Longbow (Hyperion) "Longbow grenades teleport to their destination and explode."
  • MIRV (Torgue) "When MIRV Grenades explode they throw out several more grenades."
  • Proximity Mine (Vladof) "Proximity Mines wait to explode until an enemy gets close."
  • Rain (Atlas) "Rain Grenades throw themselves into the air and fire down upon unsuspecting enemies."
  • Rubberized (Pangolin) "Rubberized grenades bounce off all surfaces and explode when they touch an enemy."
  • Sticky (S&S) "Sticky Grenades attach to surfaces and explode after a few seconds."
  • Transfusion (Anshin) "Transfusion Grenades steal health from enemies and heal you."

Grenade Mods by Manufacturer

Manufacturer Explosive Incendiary Corrosive Shock Non-Elemental
Anshin - - - - Transfusion
Atlas Rain Rain Rain Rain -
Dahl Bouncing Betty Bouncing Betty Bouncing Betty Bouncing Betty -
Hyperion Longbow Longbow Longbow Longbow -
Maliwan - Contact Contact Contact -
Pangolin Rubberized Rubberized Rubberized Rubberized -
S&S Munitions Sticky Sticky Sticky Sticky -
Tediore Contact - - - -
Vladof Proximity Mine Proximity Mine Proximity Mine Proximity Mine -

Borderlands 2

In Borderlands 2, the grenade mod system has been overhauled to include up to three parts in one grenade. Nomenclature is in the order of ENHANCEMENT-ELEMENT-BASETYPE.

Grenade mods in Borderlands 2 use a stat system similar to other weapons. "Damage" indicates the strength of the grenade. "Blast Radius" measures the area around the grenade that will be affected. "Fuse Time" shows how long it takes for a grenade to detonate after it strikes a surface, in seconds.

Base Grenade Types

  • Bouncing Bettie (Dahl/Bandit) : Fires a hail of bullets while bouncing around.
  • Explosive/Elemental : Standard grenade types that explode. Can be elemental.
  • Area of Effect: Burst / Tesla / Cloud Grenade Creates a lingering damage field.
  • MIRV (Torgue/Bandit) : Breaks apart into Child Grenades.
  • Singularity (Hyperion) : Implodes to pull in enemies before exploding.
  • Transfusion (Maliwan) : Spawns Child Grenades that steal Health from enemies and return it you and/or allies.

Grenade Enhancements

  • Lobbed : Basic method of deployment if no deployment enhancement is present.
  • Longbow : Teleports to where you are aiming using Longbow technology.
  • Rubberized : Bounces constantly until coming into contact with an enemy. Instantly detonates on impact.
  • Homing : Flies through the air slowly, but tracks the nearest enemy, navigating obstacles to reach them.

In addition, any non-Rubberized grenade can be Sticky, which means it sticks to whatever it comes into contact with.

E-Tech, Legendary, Seraph and Unique Grenade Mods

Borderlands 2 introduces named grenade mods with their own specific red text effects.

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