Grenade Launcher

A Grenade Launcher shoots grenades in an arcing path. By default, grenades launched from a grenade launcher will delay for a couple of seconds before exploding after impact. With certain upgrades, grenades may also explode on impact.

These weapons have very slow fire rates, but comparatively quick reload rates and a usual magazine size of 4. Their base accuracy is around 80, but this value can take on quite a range depending on the accessory and barrel from the 1st person view it looks like it is being held like a rifle, however as it is classed as a launcher it will look like it is held like one from a 2nd/3rd person view.

Not much is known about grenade launchers because there are no records of any being found in game. The only documented way to acquire and use one of these weapons is to create one using a save-file editor. The only naturally obtainable grenade launcher is the Leviathan.


Below are Legendary grade grenade launchers. Note that the manufacturers of these weapons do not manufacture rocket launchers indicating that grenade launchers were initially intended to be released alongside all other weapons.

  • S&S Rainmaker: "I feel a storm coming" - Grenades explode, releasing more grenades similarly to MIRV grenades. The initial explosion only causes damage; smaller grenades do not.
  • Jakobs Terror: "Mister Jakobs sends his regards." - Increased damage and accuracy.
  • Dahl Onslaught: "Artillery Strike!" - +2 magazine capacity and 6 shot burst.
  • Atlas Leviathan: "It Rises!" - Fires a large, slowly-moving grenade with greatly increased damage and blast radius. Consumes 4 ammo per shot. Effects greatly differ from the Torgue Leviathan, which is technically a rocket launcher in the retail game.



  • Grenade Launchers are an extension of Rocket Launchers in the same manner that semi-automatic Sniper Rifles are an extension of Sniper Rifles and Machine Pistols are an extension of Repeater Pistols. As such, various rocket launcher parts must be used for a grenade launcher to be whole, particularly magazine and grip.
  • The Torgue Leviathan and Dahl Jackal function very similarly to grenade launchers, as both fire projectiles in an arc.
  • Nine-Toes was to use a grenade launcher, the "Big Toe," but this weapon was replaced by The Clipper prior to release.
  • Although Grenade Launchers are not featured in Borderlands 2, all Torgue weapons fire explosive rounds and several assault rifles fire explosive projectiles.