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Gremlins are a midget variety of biker enemies in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage where they appears in all factions, as well as in non-aligned patrols on the roads. They are generally garbed in full body leathers and carry a range of medium weight weaponry.

Gremlin Units

  • Bike Gremlin - The most basic type are non-aligned units, and many can often be found riding in the sidecars of bikes. Bike Gremlins wear dark riding leathers, with motorcycle helmets on their disproportionately large heads. They are often seen carrying SMGs.
  • Burner Gremlin - Burner bikers wear yellow, including a distinctive spiked yellow pith helmet common to Pete's burners. They typically fight with automatic weapons and can be found most frequently in The Beatdown.
  • Momma's Gremlin - These purple and green-clad midget bikers fight with sniper rifles.
  • Torgue Gremlin - Torgue Gremlins wear yellow and red, with heavy yellow pauldrons and full black and red helmets. They commonly fight with shotguns or assault rifles, and frequent the Badass Crater of Badassitude.



Gremlins scuttle around with weapons far too large to be handled by one so small. They occasionally seek cover, but often simply crouch to reload in full view, relying on their small stature to avoid being hit.


  • Unlike other midgets, when armed with shotguns Gremlins do not get blasted backwards by the recoil after firing a shot.
  • Regardless of the game mode, name of the non-aligned Biker Gremlins remains unchanged.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode mode, Burner Gremlin, Momma's Gremlin, and Torgue Gremlin are renamed Angry Biker Midget.
  • Killing gremlin units contributes to the Biker's Killed challenge in the Campaign of Carnage challenge list. They do not count towards midget kills.
  • Burner Gremlins have a small chance to drop the Cobra, a unique sniper rifle.