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| given = [[Stance Von Kofsky]]
| given = [[Stance Von Kofsky]]
| level = 29
| level = 29
| rewards = 7439 XP, $20062, [[Assault Shotgun]] (It's possible to obtain the Hammer)
| rewards = 7439 XP, $20062, [[Assault Shotgun]]
| level2 =47
| level2 =47
| rewards2 =14111 XP, $154279, [[Assault Shotgun]]
| rewards2 =14111 XP, $154279, [[Assault Shotgun]]

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Find a valve and use it to turn off the water pump.

  • Find the valve.
  • Turn off the water pump
"The flowers around here may look pretty, but they're actually a pretty destructive force, and they grow just about anywhere there's water. So, you can probably understand why a broken water pipe is such a problem. Please fix it, before the flowers run me out of my home! Find a valve somewhere, then use it to turn off the water pump."


Stance Von Kofsky is the mission provider for Green Thumb. From the Middle of Nowhere in Rust Commons East, a quick ride along the river to a large broken pipe with a giant sunflower underneath it, reveals the location of Stance Von Kofsky and his isolated shack.

Once the mission is accepted, the map marker guides the way to the east side of Rust Commons East to the valve. A small bandit camp is set up near the valve. The water pump, where the valve handle needs to be attached, can be found at Jaynistown, and this area is likewise team with bandits.


"Those flowers will die off in no time. Thanks for helping out. I was never much of a plumber."


  • The text on the Valve reads: Somehow, you knew that you'd eventually need one of these.
  • There is a Red Weapon Chest just up the hill from where the valve is retrieved.
  • This mission can occasionally bug while playing in split-screen co-op. The valve will go onto the pump, and prompt for a player to press the "use" button however doing so does not shut the pump off. Exiting and reloading the game, leaves the mission state at the point where the valve is still on the pump, and at this point it can be turned off.

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