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Green Craw Worms are one of the new enemies featured in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. They only appears in Crawmerax's Lair location and will scale to 2 levels above the player level, with a minimum level of 61 and maximum of 71.

Green Craw Worms are Larva crab worms of green color. They have the same appearance, but use another ranged attack.



Unlike the ranged attack of an ordinary crab worm, their ranged attack is a corrosive ball. They will use this attack often. They use a very powerful charging attack. Their regular pincher attack, which is shared amongst most worms except maggots, is extremely quick and can be done in rapid succession. On rare occasions, they will rear-up and leap at enemies, similar to Craw maggots.

An incendiary weapon is the most effective weapon against the Green Craw Worm. Shoot their eye to score a critical hit. Be careful, as they are very fast. Anticipating their rush attack with a jump helps avoid the critical hit. Jumping can also avoid AOE damage from their ranged attack. Always finish-off the Green Worm, as the incendiary damage won't usually finish it like the corrosive damage will on an Armored Craw Worm. Since their ranged attack is "smart" and will try to lead their target when it's moving in a single direction, strafing in such a pattern as to "juke" the worm into missing with its projectiles.


  • Regardless of the game mode, their name remains unchanged.