Greedtooth is a dwarf featured in the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.


Greedtooth fell under the control of the Handsome Sorcerer due to the Sorcerer's Weird Ass Magic Globe, and then took control of the Mines of Avarice after the death of King Ragnar.


Greedtooth possesses final rune for the exit to the mines, and must be fought for the Vault Hunters to secure their escape. He pilots his own personal Gold Golem into combat, and summons additional golem and dwarf reinforcements during the battle.

During the battle, the Vault Hunters can destroy the Weird Ass Magic Globe to revert Greedtooth's consciousness back to normal, which leads him to realize that he was under the Handsome Sorcerer's spell all along. As Greedtooth offers to aid the Vault Hunters out of his mine safely, he then immediately recognizes them as King Ragnar's killers and continues the battle after all.



  • Despite his ECHO device picture depicting a unique-looking dwarf, he is shown as a regular-looking dwarf when he is encountered.

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