Greasemonkey is a story mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx given by Scooter.


"The Crimson Lance has injured Scooter's hand so he is unable to install the new parts on the vehicle. He has asked you to help by installing them."




Video walkthrough

After turning in Boost the Monster, Scooter will then ask the Vault Hunters will to assemble the Monster.


Install the parts to complete the new vehicle
  • Install supercharger
  • Install nitrous
  • Install exhaust
  • Upload specs


The objective is simply to press the action button at the glowing areas to install the parts, and then hit the button on the control panel to activate the scanner.


"Looks like you got yourself a sweet new ride."


  • "Hey, one of those Crimson bucket sluts did a number on my hand trying to get information on your secret lady friend. I didn't tell 'em nothin' but I can't install anything right now. Give me a hand gettin' this stuff in?"
  • "Ooo-ee! Ain't she a monster! Just gotta hack the specs into the digistruct module so my Catch-A-Ride can build these bad boys for you."
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