Grease Trap is a legendary pistol in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Maliwan. It can only be obtained from enemies encountered in the Revenge of the Cartels.

Special Weapon Effects

EXTREMELY FLAMABLE! – Always incendiary. No charge time. Increased damage, damage over time and charge rate. Greatly increased splash damage radius.

Normal mode (Fire Starter) fires standard incendiary projectiles.

Alternate fire (Hot Grease) fires a burst of low arcing spread projectiles. Hot Grease projectile count is random (3-7) and fires in a static pattern similar to the Flama Diddle. Hitting an enemy will grease them; when greased, Fire Starter mode will deal increased damage and will release a small incendiary nova around the victim.

Usage & Description

The Grease Trap is a powerful gun that is limited by its magazine size and fixed elemental type. Its rapid fire-rate and small magazine size will necessitate frequent reloads, but this is offset by its incredible damage, which can be so potent that it even deals respectable damage to armored enemies, though it still suffers against shields.

The shape of the Grease Trap's "Hot Grease" mode (with 7 projectiles).

Against flesh it vaporizes its targets in seconds, and given its increased splash range, it is an exceptional crowd control weapon. Alternate fire covers a much shorter distance and should be used like a shotgun, though its main purpose is to increase the effectiveness of the main firing mode.


  • The Grease Trap uses the same skin as the Superball.
  • Because the Grease Trap was only obtainable during an event that's no longer active, it is not possible to get a variant higher than level 57 without editing the save file. It also cannot have terror anointments without save file editing.
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