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Grawns are enemies encountered in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles expansion for Borderlands 3. They serve as enforcers and medium troopers for the Bonded cult. Like their Malech counteparts, Grawns have tongue-in-cheek and self-aware quotes in combat.



Grawns function exactly the same way as other Medium Troopers such as Heavy Bruisers, Bruisers, Thugs, Firefight Honchos, Soldier Sergeants, and Corporate Muscles. in that they will slowly advance upon their targets whilst firing shotguns.

While they possess a much larger health pool than other Bonded, they can still be quickly disposed of by incendiary damage.

Also rather interestingly, the base variant Grawn is noticeably rarer than the other variants.


In Combat

  • Cast into oblivion!
  • I'll cut your wretched head off!
  • You stand against the might of Gythian!
  • I hope you like bullets, because that's what's on the menu! ...Did that make sense?
  • I AM UNSTOPPABLE! Unless I die... Which. Is. Unlikely.
  • You will pay for what you've done!
  • I had the same song stuck in my head for the past 80 years! IT'S KILLING ME!
  • Hope you've got your tombstone ready!
  • I think i'll rip your ENTIRE spine out!
  • I will send you to the eternal night!
  • I'm gonna put you in the ground!
  • You want to fight me? Have you seen me?
  • Rrrrrready to chop!
  • You will regret deciding to come here! Go ahead and start regretting!
  • I kill in the name of Gythian! Also because I ENJOY IT!
  • This is what you get for peering into the dark mystery!
  • You're going to be some kind of ugly when I'm done with you!
  • I'm going to flay you alive...TO DEATH!


  • Reloading!
  • Need an ol' reload here!
  • Nngh- gotta reload!
  • Rrgh... time for a reload!


  • If there's an afterlife... I'm going to haunt the shit out of you!
  • Don't make me go... alone!
  • Forsooth I say onto thee-... crap! I forgot the rest...
  • I see the slathering ravenous jaws...
  • MY SOUL! Is eternal...
  • All that we've seen or seen... is ass!
  • Into the darkness... weeping!
  • Not... worth it...
  • I was... ready to die...
  • Bury me... in the dark...
  • Put me down... and I'll be more dead than you can possibly imagine!
  • Tell them I said something cool! And ominous!
  • They'll bring me back...


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