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Graveborn is a playable class in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.


Graveborn are Death-touched acolytes who sacrifice health to unleash devastating Dark Magic attacks and become the phantasmal Reaper of Bones, accompanied by their manic Demi-Lich companion.
Devotees of Death, Graveborn draw strength from the pain and passing of others, growing in power as they send the souls of their enemies screaming into the void. Where most fear Death, the Graveborn revel in it, and have even made it an ally. Aided by a powerful and ancient demi-lich bound to their service, the Graveborn knows that all power comes at a price paid in blood, whether it be that of their foes or their own...



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The Graveborn is a master of Kill Skills, Spells, and Dark Magic. They use their Demi-Lich Companion and sacrificial Action Skills to enact suffering upon their enemies, even at the cost of their own life force. Any Spell cast by the Graveborn will cause the Demi-Lich to cast a unique spell of their own, as well as triggering Kill Skills to summon hellish minions.

Demi-Lich Companion

Demi-Lich Companion icon.png

The Graveborn is accompanied by a floating Demi-Lich Companion that targets enemies at range and deals Dark Magic damage.
Whenever the Graveborn casts a Spell, the Demi-Lich will cast Hellish Blast, creating a homing projectile of the Spell's elemental type, dealing damage to nearby enemies on impact.
Any increases to the Graveborn's Damage also apply to their Companions.

Dire Sacrifice

Dire Sacrifice icon.png

The Graveborn sacrifices some of their Current Health to deal Dark Magic Damage and apply Dark Magic Status Effects to all enemies nearby.
Dire Sacrifice deals bonus damage proportional to the sacrificed amount of Health.

Reaper of Bones

Reaper of Bones icon.png

The Graveborn is fully Healed, gains Leech Efficiency, and deals Bonus Dark Magic Damage for a duration, but loses an ever-increasing amount of Health per second.
When the Graveborn would die, they become Invulnerable for a duration, restore some of their Health, and Reaper of Bones ends.