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Grave is a unique non-respawning Guardian miniboss who spawns during the Cold as the Grave story mission in Borderlands 3.


Grave spawns alongside Ward prior to The Graveward boss fight. Both must be killed to spawn Graveward, as their red souls enter it to give it life.



  • Grave behaves very similarly to a Wraith guardian. It prefers to use ranged attacks and keep its distance.
  • Grave has the following attacks:
    • Disc throw - throws small eridian disk-like projectiles that inflict damage and cause a small explosion if the character is hit. Will throw unlimited if uninterrupted in distance.
    • Spear Throw - hurls its spear that creates small shock explosion on impact.
    • Jump Smash – jumps and smashes the ground on impact.
    • Swing – slashes with its staff.
    • Somersault backward - performs a backward somersault (used to put distance between it and the character).
    • Summon dance - only used when damaged significantly, it performs a dance to summons 6 red spirits that go towards Graveward and calls down 4 eridian bomb-like orbs from the three beams summoned at the portal.


  • Grave provides half the life force for Graveward
  • Grave and Ward will always spawn side by side. If one is killed and the game is quit, returning to the area will cause the remaining guardian to spawn in the middle of the portal.
  • Killing one of the guardians begins a collapse of the structures in the area.


  • Tannis is surprised to see guardians appear in the vault before the monster. This point is never touched on again as to why it happened.