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Note from Tannis: Oh, don't be like that, it's like you've never seen a derelict alien megastructure with its own climate system before. Go down there and see if there is something you can shoot at.

— In-game description

Gradient of Dawn is a location in Borderlands 3. It's a huge Eridian structure floating in space with its own life support and climate control systems. This is where Trial of Survival takes place.


Gradient of Dawn is divided into four areas, where access to the next area is granted only once all of the enemies in the current area have been defeated. Once access to the next area has been granted, it is possible to revisit the previous area and loot ammunition boxes or any other loot they wish. Limited number of ammunition crates can be found in all four areas.

The last area is accessed via a sheer drop preventing Vault Hunters to go back. After the Proving Grounds boss has been defeated, Vault Hunters are given the opportunity to use exit-only Fast Travel Station.

While taking the trial, Vault Hunters should be aware of their position, as the proving grounds have no natural obstacles preventing Vault Hunters from falling or being knocked over the edge.

If they choose to do so, Vault Hunters can use Drop Pod to teleport back and collect any valuable loot left behind.


Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


  • Title given by the game is "Eridian Proving Ground".