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Got Grenades? is a story mission in Borderlands given by T.K. Baha.


"Good news! I just heard Marcus reopened his weapon vendor in Fyrestone! Before you go after Nine-Toes, you gotta get yourself some grenades. I'm so happy you killed them skags that I'd just hand you some, but I don't have any left after my last fishin' trip. So, head over to Fyrestone and buy some grenades. Then come on back."



Got Grenades?

Video walkthrough


Buy at least one grenade, then return to T.K. Baha.
  • Grenade purchased


T.K. announces that Marcus has reopened his weapon store in Fyrestone, and sets the task to buy some grenades. Upon returning to Fyrestone the roller door will open and allow access to the vending machines. Making a grenade purchase will add three grenades to the inventory and complete the mission objective.


"Got a grenade or two? Great! That'll come in handy. Now you're ready to go to Skag Gully and shove one of 'em up Nine-Toes' ass!"


  • Prior to completing this mission, grenade ammunition will not appear as loot, though Grenade Mods may appear.
  • It is not necessary to purchase a grenade mod to complete the mission. Only grenades themselves are required.
  • Grenades must still be purchased in Playthrough 2, even if there are some already in the character's inventory.