The Gortys Project is a project that was funded and developed by the Atlas corporation (before it's bankruptcy) to locate Vaults across Pandora's surface, which culminated into the Gortys Core: a holographic map (and/or locator) of said Vaults.


Tales from the Borderlands

Episode 1: Zer0 Sum

The Gortys Core plays a role in the plot of Tales from the Borderlands, with Zer0 having been sent on a mission (presumably) from Moxxi to locate and retrieve it from a Bandit Boss called Bossanova.

After Bossanova's death, Zer0 reports to Moxxi that the Gortys Core was nowhere to be found, until the disturbances from the fight cause a section of the floor to cave in with Rhys on top, resulting in the discovery an unknown part of the building, where the Gortys Core was being held among other unreleased Altas prototypes, where it came in two parts. Upon its reassembly, the Core began to hover and display a holographic image showing the location of Vaults across Pandora.

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