The Good Touch is a Unique Maliwan Incendiary SMG.

Like Bad Touch, it has a unique skin with a picture of Moxxi on the magazine.

Special Weapon Effects

...but when I'm bad, I'm better. – Dealing elemental damage over time causes the player to regenerate health. If the player is using a controller with a vibration function, equipping the weapon will cause the controller to vibrate continuously until un-equipped.

Drop Guide

It is given to the player after tipping Moxxi around $25,000-50,000, and will be rewarded again if a similar amount is granted again, scaled to the Sanctuary's current level.

When Moxxi gives the player the gun, she will say something like "Here, this is my favorite gun. You will understand when you use it."


  • In co-op, Moxxi can only award this weapon once per visit to Sanctuary. If subsequent players tip sufficiently to be awarded the Good Touch (or Bad Touch, it happens with both), she will give the award dialog and the tip jar will lock, but she will not start the animation of offering the weapon. Tipping Moxxi further on the next visit to Sanctuary will allow the player to get the weapon they missed out on.
  • The +70% Critical Hit Damage may sometimes be absent from the weapon's stat card when it is first picked up. If so, it will appear the next time the game is rebooted.
  • If the player has a controller with a rumble feature, it will start vibrating constantly. It vibrates more intensely the longer it is held. Firing the weapon causes it to stop vibrating momentarily and looking down the sights causes it to vibrate less. Exiting zoom will cause the controller to vibrate very intensely.
  • The flavor text, along with the text from Bad Touch, refers to a line in the Mae West movie, I'm No Angel. The line itself is a reference to a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It also appears in Aerosmith's song "Falling in Love is so hard on the knees".
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