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For the enemy in Borderlands 2, see Goliath.

Goliaths are an enemy type in Borderlands 3. They are first encountered at the Jakobs Manor on Eden-6 and appear in COV enemy groups from then on.



Similar to their previous rendition, Goliaths dual wield assault rifles. They initially speak in a dopey voice with poor grammar and become enraged when their helmet is shot off. Their transformation is more dramatic in this game, with their bodies pulsing while their muscles grow to large sizes while an eerie violin noise is heard. They will also heal when they begin to transform, rather than at the end of their transformation as in Borderlands 2.

Goliaths now appear more heavyset, with a large belly that wobbles about as they move. When not enraged, Goliaths can put out significant damage with their weapons at a distance, even when compared to their enraged forms. When enraged, they will resort to melee combat—a punch from a Goliath is capable of sending enemies flying as a ragdoll. However, their pathing has been made less consistent, as they may not be able to follow up with punches after an enemy is ragdolled, and may end up running in circles if there are too many enemies to target. They will also stick close to their spawn point unless the character constantly fires at them.

Enraged Goliaths return with standard punches and leaps, and have an array of new attacks:

  • Long Jump - Jumps high into the air and lands with a ground pound that deals damage in a radius.
  • Sonic Clap - Performs a powerful clap that can reach medium-range targets.
  • Ground Pound - Performs a short hop before smashing the ground, creating a ground-hugging quake.
  • Tire Throw - Picks up a tire and throws it while accounting for movement. Acts as a Goliath's only ranged attack and deals heavy damage.
  • Body Slam - Leaps into the air and crashes down chest-first. This is usually used at a distance and can catch players off guard due to its speed.
  • Occasionally, Enraged Goliaths will pause and taunt, leaving them open to gunfire.

Festering Goliaths replace Caustic Goliaths and have several new attacks:

  • Vomit - They will rear back and charge up before throwing up corrosive vomit.
  • Fart - The Goliath will fart, causing a cloud of corrosive damage to hang about in the area for a while.

Level Progression

The names of the Goliaths differ depending on their type. But they all follow a similar sequence:

  • Level.1 - Goliath
  • Level.2 - Raging Goliath
  • Level.3 - Super Raging Goliath
  • Level.4 - Mega Raging Goliath
  • Level.5 - Ultimate Raging Goliath
  • Level.6 - GOD-liath


Goliaths reuse their elemental damage-over-time quotes from Borderlands 2. The list below shows new quotes.

In Combat - Normal

  • Why so over there?
  • Too Greedy!
  • Me don't wanna hurt you, hehe just kidding I do.
  • Need more cardio.
  • Free hugs.
  • Get that hairy-tick!
  • Small boy! Kill!
  • It's the hairy tick!
  • Tyreen says Stop it!
  • No run!
  • Yay.
  • Me don't get you!
  • Why have to move!
  • Greedied!
  • Friends.
  • Don't made run!
  • Take your time.
  • Fight you is fine!
  • Dare hunt me!
  • Damn hug!
  • Won't give cuddles!
  • Wait for crunching!
  • Me go to you now.
  • Time for ambitions, investing, time for kill!
  • Have no found!

Getting Enraged

  • Tear it out, tear it all out!
  • I'm finally... I'M FINALLY... FREE!
  • Should... not... have... DONE THAT!
  • You... can't... GO BACK NOW!
  • I'll show yooooou A FREAKING MONSTER AAARGH!
  • Time to meet MY...DARK...SIDE!


  • I'm gonna buy my boots with your foots!
  • I'm going to hit you, UNTIL I STOP HITTING YOU! WHICH WILL BE NEVER!!!
  • I'll choke you with your own arms!
  • Here's Me!

Enraged, General Combat

  • I'll piss into your torso!
  • Spare you across the walls!
  • Here I come, BITCH!
  • Scream for me!
  • Today you DIE!
  • Don't you move!
  • Death for your life!
  • Power my riser!
  • I'll pop you like a SIG!
  • To run my fists!
  • Comin' at ya!
  • Catch this!
  • Eat some crap!
  • Oncomed at!

Enraged, Badass Combat

  • I'll get in MY WAY!
  • Watch your EARS!

Enraged, Caustic/Festering Combat

  • I've fart in your direction!
  • Oops, a little poop came out!
  • This isn't even my FINAL FORMS!
  • Not silent, JUST DEADLY!
  • I stink, Death or i am!
  • You smelt it DIES!
  • Foo ahead!
  • Ahh, Room stinked!

Anointed, Combat

  • Sonic DOOM!

Dying - Normal

  • Just... wanted... hugs...
  • Okay.
  • Inside... hurty...
  • I'll see you later!
  • Me gonna miss breathing...
  • Too many ouchies...

Dying - Enraged

  • Joke's on you! I was in massive debt!
  • Finally, now I'm dead on the outside too!
  • It's gonna... take that to kill... better than m- AAAAGGGH!!!
  • This planet is full of assholes!
  • I am real! Now I'm coming for you, Jeremy!
  • I hate going gently into the good night...
  • My rage... has served a higher purpose...
  • I never t-took up painting...
  • This isnt over!
  • See you in your nightmares...
  • I'll be baaaaaack!
  • Remember me when you sleep...
  • I will always cherish, the time we had together!
  • Death... is not the final gate!



  • In Mayhem Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Daddy Goliath.
    • When enraged, they will become Raging Daddy Goliath.
  • In Arms Race mode, they are renamed to Rival Goliath.
    • When enraged, they will become Raging Rival Goliath.
  • If enraged, with subsequence kills, Goliath follows the naming progression: Raging > Super Raging > Mega Raging > Ultimate Raging > GOD-.