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Golems are sentient rock-beings that are encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.


Golems are large, powerful creatures, being animated from stone or metal. They are capable of great bursts of speed and are also capable of dealing heavy damage. The most common golem is the Rock Golem, but there are also more powerful golems crafted from metal.

Leveling up

Golems can raise in level by killing other enemies, much like Goliaths. In order to activate the golem's level up mode, the glowing core at the center of their torso must be destroyed. Once this occurs, its name becomes prefixed with "Unbound" and the golem will fly into a rampage and attack anything around it.

Iron GOD

The highest possible level a Badass Iron Golem can attain is level 92, after which he is renamed as "Iron GOD". This is the highest possible level any enemy can appear in-game. At such a high level, the Iron GOD will boast a 99.2% damage reduction, making him extremely robust against all forms of attack. The Iron GOD is also immune to slag.

At Overpower level 8, a Badass Iron Golem will spawn at level 82 in the Mines of Avarice. Once unbound, it will begin to level up by killing the surrounding Orcs, spiders and dwarfs. It will rank up via the following prefixes:

  • 83 - 84: Reckless Iron Golem
  • 85 - 88: Nasty Iron Golem
  • 89 - 91: Imposing Iron Golem
  • 92: Iron GOD

Golem Units

Common Golems

Notable Golems


Ground-based golems are generally sluggish in their movements, but can accelerate to high speeds and have an impressive jumping ability. Assuming that the bulky, humanoid golems are primarily a threat at close range could be a mistake as all golems possess ranged attacks: searing energy beams in the case of Aerial Golems and thrown boulders and fireballs from their rocky kin.


  • Golems are hostile to orcs and skeletons.
  • A massive golem can be seen fighting a similarly gargantuan mimic after defeating the Ancient Dragons of Destruction in the treasure room area. After witnessing the battle, three D20 chests will appear on the balcony.


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