Golden Calves is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Vaughn. It becomes available after Cult Following is complete.


Vaughn's got a plan to stick it to the COV by replacing all their ugly little statues with something a little more glorious. Gather pictures of Vaughn and get ready to piss off some gods.



  • Find poster with front view
  • Find poster with profile view
  • Find poster with intimate view
  • Go to 3D printing plant
  • Locate scanner
  • Use scanner
  • Admire your work
  • Smash COV statues
  • Replace with Vaughn statues
  • Talk to Vaughn



Turn In: Vaughn


Mission items:
  • Wanted Poster: Front View
  • Wanted Poster: Profile View
  • Wanted Poster: Intimate View

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