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Going Rogue is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Clay.


"The good news" Clay already found the next Vault Key fragment. The bad news: he subcontracted the work to another smuggling crew and now he can't get hold of them. Looks like you'll have to track them down if you want that fragment."



  • Talk to Clay
  • Take Rogue-Sight
  • Shoot Rogue-Sight marks (3)
  • Shoot Rogue-Sight marks (3)
  • Go to Ambermire
  • Head to Rogue's base
  • Shoot Rogue-Sight mark
  • Open base door
  • Turn on emergency power
  • Find Archimedes (4)
  • Find Archimedes
  • Collect Archimedes' ID
  • Activate security console
  • Activate loot tracker
  • Locate Agent Dee
  • Shoot Rogue-Sight mark
  • Protect Agent Dee
  • Collect Dee's ID
  • Check dead drop
  • Shoot Rogue-Sight mark
  • Check dead drop
  • Shoot Rogue-Sight mark
  • Find Agent Quietfoot
  • Release cage
  • Kill Mud Neck Clan
  • Collect Quietfoot's ID
  • Head to docks
  • Secure docks
  • Move ship scanner into place
  • Get to ship scanner
  • Smack broken Rogue-Sight mark
  • Defend scanner while it charges
  • Kill cultists
  • Check Domino's "office"
  • Return to Rogue's base
  • Scan IDs
  • Activate loot tracker
  • Follow loot tracker
  • Take elevator
  • Find Key fragment
  • Defeat Archimedes
  • Collect Vault Key fragment
  • Go to Sanctuary
  • Give Vault Key fragment to Tannis



"That leaves only one more fragment. Once you acquire it, I will join you at the Vault."

Turn In: Tannis


  • Rogue-Sight marks can be activated by any shot, not just a shot from the Rogue-Site pistol.
  • Sometimes Zane's clone will shoot the Rogue-Site marks thus activating them automatically.
  • Mission items:
    • Rogue-Sight
    • Rogue ID
    • Quietfoot Dead Drop
    • Domino's Rogue ID
    • Vault Key Fragment

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