The Godfinger is a pearlescent sniper rifle manufactured by Jakobs. It was added with Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two: Digistruct Peak Challenge. Like all of the four Pearlescent weapons from the UVHM2 pack, it will only drop from Tubby enemies, and only after reaching level 61 while UVHM2 is installed.

Special Weapon Effects

Such a Cod Finger. – Increased weapon zoom, decreased damage, decreased rate of fire, projectiles penetrate multiple targets, and a 160% crit bonus. The longer the bullet travels, the higher the damage output, up to 14x damage. It also has a pseudo-B0re effect (penetration) that results in a bullet split of five extra projectiles upon impact, which continue to travel past the first impact.[1]

Usage and Description

The Godfinger shines when used on long distance as it spawns additional projectiles after certain travel times. The damage output can go up to 14x, given enough distance between the target and the player is achieved.

Like other guns with split projectiles, the split depends on time, not distance. This means investing into skills such as Zer0's Vel0city or Maya's Accelerate  isn't advisable when using this weapon. Also noteworthy is that the additional pellets aren't listed on the item card, making this gun work especially well with amp shields.


  • The Godfinger uses the same material as Bekah, another Jakobs pearlescent weapon.
  • The Godfinger has the potential to outdamage all other sniper rifles in the game,[2][3] though the Pimpernel has comparable damage output and is far more practical to use.


  • The Godfinger is the only purple-or-higher quality Jakobs bolt action sniper rifle.
  • The Godfinger, the Law, the Cobra, and the Hammer Buster are Jakobs weapons that always spawn with the Dahl barrel.
  • The flavor text refers to a line from Goldfinger, the theme song of the James Bond film Goldfinger: "Such a cold finger." (Both the name and flavor text remove the "L".)


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