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Godfinger is a pearlescent sniper rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Jakobs. It was added with the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two: Digistruct Peak Challenge. The Godfinger will only drop from tubby enemies after reaching level 61.

Special Weapon Effects

Such a Cod Finger. – Increased weapon zoom. Decreased damage and rate of fire. Generates new pellets the longer the bullet travels, up to 14x damage.

Usage and Description

The Godfinger's special effect makes it primarily effective in long-range combat. The weapon damage increase is based on the projectile travel time, as each bullet spawns additional projectiles every fraction of a second. The first 9 pellets spawn at even intervals; at maximum range, a final 4 pellets are added at once, making a maximum pellet count of 14.

Like other guns with split projectiles, the split depends on time, not distance. This means investing into skills such as Zer0's Vel0city or Maya's Accelerate will lengthen the distance necessary to achieve maximum weapon damage.

The Godfinger's additional pellets aren't listed on the item card, making this gun work especially well with an Amplify Shield.

As a result of the inherent Jakobs critical hit bonuses - which stack poorly with skill-based crit bonuses - this weapon functions poorly with more traditional snipers like Zer0 or Maya, and better with non-traditional snipers, primarily Axton, especially due to his bonuses to non-elemental weapons.


  • The Godfinger uses the same material as the Bekah, another Jakobs pearlescent weapon.
  • The Godfinger has the potential to outdamage all other sniper rifles in the game,[1][2] though the Pimpernel has comparable damage output and is far more practical to use.
  • The Godfinger's high damage and low fire rate makes it especially ammo-efficient.
  • Bonus projectiles cannot proc Gaige's Close Enough.


  • The Godfinger is the first purple-or-higher rarity Jakobs sniper rifle to be bolt action.
  • The flavor text refers to a line from Goldfinger, the theme song of the James Bond film Goldfinger: "Such a cold finger." (Both the name and flavor text remove the "L".)